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Good ideas become successful projects through smart, innovative design. With a complete Engineering Design team at the ready, Encorus Group is truly a full-service engineering firm. Four integrated service divisions and over 60 dedicated staffers give us the in-house capabilities to realize our clients’ visions, from blueprint to groundbreaking to grand opening.

Licensed Professional Engineers

Encorus Group’s Engineering Design Team is comprised of over 20 talented, full-time professionals, including ten licensed Professional Engineers and a Registered Architect. Our team provides design services in a wide array of disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, civil, environmental, fire protection, and structural engineering, as well as architecture.

A higher ratio of licensed Professional Engineers (56 percent) on our staff means that there are more knowledgeable, experienced personnel available on every project. More P.E.s means more minds dedicated to finding better solutions to your toughest problems at Encorus Group.

Department Contact:

Thomas R. Gilmartin, P.E., PMP, LEED AP
Director of Design
716.592.3980 ext 124

Engineering Design Services

We leverage our years of experience and expertise across several markets to provide innovative, informed solutions to our clients’ toughest problems.

Pipes inside a plant representing the mechanical engineering services of Encorus Group in Springville, NY

Our Mechanical Engineering Group designs systems, machines, and hardware. The group also performs specialized analyses and assessments, including FEA.

A closed road representing the civil site engineers at Encorus Group in Springville, NY

Our Civil/Site Engineering Group handles all things civil. It focuses on site development issues, from concept and feasibility studies to approval of the final design.

A digital rendering of a room representing the engineering design services at Encorus Group in Springville, NY

The in-house Architecture Group completes the design circuit and integrates the work of our engineers with the physical context seamlessly under one roof.

Electrical circuits inspected by Encorus Group in Springville, NY

Our experienced Electrical Engineering Group focuses on safety and efficiency to devise electrical, automation, and control-system solutions for our clients in healthcare, manufacturing, nuclear energy, and other markets.

Structural engineers examining beams at Encorus Group in Springville, NY

In addition to their vast design experience in steel, masonry, wood, and concrete, the Structural Engineering Group offers other services that are vital for a construction project, such as site investigations.

A fire protection system developed by Encorus Group in Springville, NY

With decades of specialized experience, our Fire Protection Engineering Group confidently designs dependable life and property protection for small- and large-scale clients.

A fire being put out representing the forensic engineering at Encorus Group in Springville, NY

The breadth and depth of our knowledge and experience base give our Forensic Engineering Group unique “reverse engineering” capabilities, plus the ability to provide expert witness testimony on our findings.

Discover what Encorus Group’s Engineering Design division can do for you. Contact our Director of Design, Thomas R. Gilmartin, P.E., PMP, LEED AP, at 716.592.3980 ext 124 or email

We perform Quality Control and Quality Assurance at the Nuclear level.

Encorus Group performs work to its established ASME NQA-1 Quality Assurance Program. Our program was established in 2005 and has continually evolved to better meet the intent of our work, the needs of our clients, and generally to improve its effectiveness. The current Encorus Group Quality Assurance Program is organized to address requirements of NQA-1 2008, including NQA-1 2009 addendum, as applicable to our work.

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