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The Encorus Group’s Engineering team includes a full-time staff of over 20 talented professionals with 10 Professional Engineers who are licensed in the following disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil/Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering and Fire Protection Engineering. Our clients include federal, state and local agencies, as well as public and private companies.

Department Contacts

Thomas R. Gilmartin, P.E., PMP, LEED AP
Director of Design
716.592.3980 ext 124

Industrial Facilities Support


The Encorus Group’s engineering team can provide complete engineering design and analysis services for all types of industrial facilities. Our technical staff has significant experience in the design, documentation and construction oversight of projects for light and heavy industrial, manufacturing, and nuclear facility clients.


As a small firm that boasts a high ratio of professional engineers to staff, we are able to respond quickly to changing client needs and project deadlines. Every project at the Encorus Group is staffed with a senior licensed engineer and support team to provide timely and dependable service. Our clients also benefit from our comprehensive in-house design services as needed for their projects, thus enhancing our ability to act quickly.


Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Life safety and fire protection
  • HVAC and plumbing design
  • Control systems
  • Environmental solutions and permitting
  • Intra-facility transportation systems
  • Hoisting and rigging
  • Process equipment design and modification
  • Drafting support
  • Material handling
  • Pressure vessel and tank design and analysis
  • Mechanical and thermal stress assessments
  • Structural design and infrastructure upgrades
  • Energy efficiency studies
  • Electrical, structural, and mechanical system design and analysis


In addition, should your project require staff augmentation, we can assist in filling those roles. We recognize that our role as a consulting engineering firm is to help our clients achieve their goals, and we approach every project as an opportunity to provide “better solutions to the toughest problems.”

Department of Energy Legacy Waste Management

The Encorus Group has over 200 combined years of experience in the nuclear arena. Our group has managed, designed and operated both hands-on and remote operations for commercial and government D&D projects. Our team can provide engineering design, project management, spent fuel handling, hoisting and rigging support, facility modifications, and materials testing and inspection services.


Encorus performs work under its established ASME NQA-1 compliant Quality Assurance Program. Our program was established in 2005 and has continually evolved to better meet the intent of our work, our clients’ needs, and generally to improve its effectiveness. The current Encorus Group Engineering Quality Assurance Program is organized to address requirements of NQA-1 2008, including NQA-1, 1a-2009 addendum, as applicable to our work. We have successfully been audited multiple times in the past in conjunction with performance of work at a number of sites across the country, and our program has often been found to exceed the requirements of NQA-1 through our innovative methods and procedures.


Our QA Program identifies a set of implementing procedures for each of the sections of the QA Manual applicable to our work. All Encorus personnel are qualified and trained in the proper use of the program and perform work to the procedures identified in the QA Manual to address and implement each of the 18 requirements of NQA-1. Whether or not a project is subject to NQA-1 requirements, this same discipline and dedication to quality is applied to all of our projects


Notable projects have included:

  • Interim Ventilation System Design, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Carlsbad, NM
  • Fire Protection System Design, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Carlsbad, NM
  • Transuranic Waste Sorting Facility Redesign, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Carlsbad, NM
  • Remote Tooling Designs, West Valley Demonstration Project, West Valley, NY
  • Containment Structure Designs, West Valley Demonstration Project, West Valley, NY
  • Fire Hazard Analysis, West Valley Demonstration Project, West Valley, NY
  • Hoisting and Rigging and Remote Tooling Designs, West Valley Demonstration Project, West Valley, NY
  • Potable and Utility Water System Engineering and Construction Inspection, West Valley Demonstration Project, West Valley, NY
  • Containment Structure Design, Separations Process Research Unit, Niskayuna, NY
  • Structural Evaluation and Design, Separations Process Research Unit, Niskayuna, NY
  • Waste Bag Lift Frame Design, Separations Process Research Unit, Niskayuna, NY

Commercial Grade Dedication

Many companies can procure commercial grade items, but Encorus has the capability to perform Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD/CGID) on commercial items for use in the nuclear industry. The CGD process begins with FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis). In the FMEA analysis, items are considered with regard to their planned end use. A structured table is produced which lists possible failures, effects and consequences of those failures, and mitigations to reduce the probability of failure, or mitigate the effects. CGD items may be subjected to many more quality checks than normal commercial grade items such as:


  • Rigorous testing to ensure that CGD items are manufactured in accordance with specifications.
  • Materials testing and verification.
  • Chain-of-custody tracking for metals or other parts.
  • Verified and documented inspection of welds or other attributes.


The CGD process can show that commercial grade items cannot be used and nuclear grade items should be procured instead.


In addition, Encorus’s CGD program has been audited and approved by US DOE contractors. We have performed CGD on hundreds of items ranging from pipe, fittings, valves, electronics, safety systems, fasteners, safety programming, and many others.

Commercial Design

From office to warehouse to retail space, the Encorus Group can provide complete architectural and engineering designs, as well as construction management and inspection for both new builds and renovations. We are experienced in both the design-build and the more traditional design-bid-build methods of project delivery, as well as cost estimating, procurement, and related services.


As a small business, Encorus is able to give each client and project the individual attention they deserve. The firm has a full-time staff of 10 Professional Engineers licensed in multiple states, as well as junior engineers, design/drafters, and an administrative support team. These personnel cover all major engineering disciplines, including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental, and fire protection, and allow Encorus to self-perform many projects which typically require either a larger firm or the use of onerous sub-consultant relationships. Encorus Group performs work to its established ASME NQA-1 program, ensuring strict standards and quality control procedures on every project we approach, no matter the size or scope. The firm has designed projects ranging from septic systems to building foundations to industrial machinery and robotic devices.


Some examples demonstrating our design team’s wide range of capabilities includes:

  • Design of Brokk robotic arm
  • Civil design services for new subdivision and multi-use recreational facility
  • Moveable glass wall for indoor sports facility
  • Steel shoring for historic building undergoing extreme renovations
  • Seismic analysis
  • Fire alarm and sprinkler system design
  • Electrical system redesign for healthcare campus
  • Parking lot redesign
  • Assessment of utility systems, including electrical, HVAC, potable water, and sanitary and stormwater sewers
  • Building condition assessments
  • SPCC, SWPPP, HMCP, and ICP preparation
  • Decommissioning and recommissioning
  • Water treatment system design
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Engineering design for building renovations, additions, and new builds
  • Arc flash analysis
  • Fire hazard life safety analysis
  • Hoisting and rigging design

Forensic Evaluations

Encorus Group works with insurance companies, adjusters, attorneys, and others on investigations to determine origin and cause, extent of damage, repairability, code compliance, suitability of materials used, and more. Our licensed Professional Engineers are able to provide their expert opinion to our client in an expeditious, easy-to-read report with supporting photos, illustrations, and data. The wide range of analytical software and technology available to our staff, in addition to the breadth of their engineering experience, supports in-depth investigative services which have proven very useful to our clients. Assignments have included a wide range of structural, mechanical, fire protection and electrical assignments.


Specific investigations completed by our team include:

  • Origin and cause of cracked concrete
  • Fire origin and cause
  • Water infiltration origin and cause and extent of damage
  • Industrial/workplace incidents and accidents
  • Foundation failures
  • Slip, trip and fall investigations
  • Ice/snow/hail/wind/lightning damage claims
  • Structural integrity/feasibility of repair investigations
  • Roof/structural collapses
  • Expert witness and litigation support

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