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Whether you are required by federal regulations or by an insurance carrier to mitigate risk, or by internal best engineering practices the need to establish a high quality mechanical integrity asset management program, Encorus Group can deliver.

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Director of Mechanical Integrity
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Mechanical Integrity Management

The Encorus Mechanical Integrity Group includes full-time engineers and inspectors with decades of experience providing a complete range of mechanical and asset integrity services. These services include field inspections, data evaluation, detailed reporting, fitness for service evaluations and development of repair procedures as necessary. Their extensive experience encompasses the inspection and evaluation of fixed equipment in a variety of industries, including energy, oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, manufacturing, and food. In addition to providing the integrity management services listed below, our Mechanical Integrity and Engineering Design Groups work hand-in-hand to provide redesign services if required.


• API 510 – Pressure Vessel Inspections

• API 570 – Process Piping Inspections

• API 653 – Storage Tank Inspections

• STI SP001 Tank Inspections

• PA DEP Aboveground Storage Tank Inspections

○ IAM – Manufactured Tanks

○ IAF – Field Constructed Tanks

• NACE Coatings and Lining Inspections

• Certified Welding Inspections (CWI)

• ASNT-TC-1A Qualified Technicians

○ Ultrasonics, Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, etc.

• Grade C Water Plant Operator

• Inspection Program Development

• Inspection Data Management Systems (IDMS)

○ UltraPIPE Software

• Fitness for Service Evaluations

• Failure Analysis Investigations

• Vendor Surveillance – New Construction / Repairs

○ Pressure vessels, storage tanks, FRP equipment, etc.

• Project/Outage Management

• Repair Procedure Development – Code Compliant

• Aboveground Storage Tank Inspections

○ All Design Standards – API 650, API 12F, UL 142, etc

○ All configurations

- Flat Bottom, internal/external floating roof

- Horizontal on saddles

- Vertical on Legs

○ Floor Scanning using Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)

○ Settlement Surveys

• OSHA PSM Compliance per 29CFR 1910.119

○ (d) Process Safety Information

- Block Flow/Process Flow Diagram Development

- Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&ID) Development/Walkdowns / Updates

- Relief & Vent System – Sizing basis design verification

- Design Standard Verification

- Materials of Construction Verification

○ (j) Mechanical Integrity

- Written procedure development

- Inspections and testing–vessels, tanks, process piping

• New York Chemical/Petroleum Bulk Storage Inspections

○ Annual Inspections per 6 NYCRR Part 598.7(b)

○ Aboveground 5 Year Inspections per 6 NYCRR Part 598.7(c)

- Aboveground/Underground

- Vertical, Horizontal, Elevated, Double Walled

- Steel, FRP, Plastic

○ NYS Professional Engineer Review and Sign Off per 6 NYCRR 598.7(c) (3)

○ New installation compliance documentation under 6 NYCRR Part 599

○ Operator Training for Underground Tank Systems per 6 NYCRR Part 598.12

○ Underground Tank Inspections per 6 NYCRR Part 598.6

• SPCC Planning–Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan Development / Updates

• Pennsylvania DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) Above Ground Storage Tank Inspections

○ In-service and out of service inspections per PA DEP

○ Determination of tank system's integrity / suitability for continued use, including:

- leak detection systems

- structural integrity of the tanks / associated equipment

- release prevention measures

○ AST installation inspections, integrity Inspections and modification inspections


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